Mircíades Andújar


Mircíades Andújar was born in Peravia, Bani in December of 1952. He studied and involved himself in art and drawing workshops at the National School of Fine Arts. He has participated in many exhibitions. He participated in a competition at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), House of the Artists and Casa Teatro just to name a few. His mentor’s name is Guillo Perez who offered his paints to him when Mr. Andujar had no resources. “For me, he was a great mentor, he advised me to compose still lifes and structures to manage nature, vision, and structure.”

His inspiration comes from color and movements. He tells us that art is carried in his blood and he must paint or make sculptures constantly. He is disciplined to paint daily. His technique is acrylic paint and is into the minimalist style. His works will have a subliminal message. A direct or indirect message depending on what someone likes.

Mr. Andujar tells Islands Arts “I remember at 8 years old, I always liked to be on the cusp of the mountains and from there, I would observe the whole panorama. From there, I began to observe all the greenery, all the detail that the beauty of nature had, this being my inspiration to enter the art world until today. At the age of 16, I entered Fine Arts because I wanted to develop the skills I had. I’ve always been connected to art because I earned my grades by painting, drawing at school.”