Our Mission

We’d like to share our passion with you.
Islands Arts is a grassroots initiative that provides a digital platform for Caribbean artists to showcase and sell their art. It’s our mission to connect artists with art fans across North America, broadening the market and making the artists’ pursuits more financially viable. The ultimate win; however, is for art lovers, like you, who now have access to thousands of pieces of original art. Each piece is one-of-a-kind: rich in texture, exquisite in technique, and vibrant in theme.

Caribbean MapImproving lives in the Caribbean.
Islands Arts gives you an opportunity to help Caribbean artists thrive. We’re so passionate about empowering and promoting Caribbean art that we’re providing this platform to help artists to promote their work. The artistic market in the Caribbean is typically underrepresented in the rest of the world; however, this platform can change this dynamic, and help the Islands’ artistic community realize their full potential. You’re not just buying art – you’re helping to support a passion.

We’re in this together.
Our collective support of Caribbean artists helps to strengthen community ties and fortify local economies. The Caribbean is multi-cultural and rich in diversification across all artistic mediums, especially art. The platform enables artists to extend their reach beyond the Islands, and into American homes, galleries, and collections. This newfound reach increases productivity, and, in turn, awards artists with more time to dedicate towards creativity. When you select a piece of Caribbean art for your collection, you singlehandedly help support a Caribbean artist.

We’re glad you stopped by.
Thanks for showing an interest in Islands Arts. Our initiative will evolve and grow to include a comprehensive representation of Caribbean culture, across Islands, including the Dominican, Jamaica, and Haiti. You’ll notice that our pieces are eclectic in genre, medium, and theme. There’s something to appeal to all artistic sensibilities. What pieces will you select to compliment your décor and tell your story?