23 Jan

Earthquakes have ravaged Puerto Rico. Here’s how you can help.

On December 28th, 2019, barely two years after being devastated by Hurricane Maria, the small tropical island of Puerto Rico was struck by a 4.7 magnitude earthquake. Mere hours later, […]

07 Oct

José Javier Contreras

Born in August 1994, José Javier Contreras showed an interest in art from a very young age. His formal training began at 10 years old, and 14 years later his passion and […]

20 Sep

When the Afternoon Dies

Think of an African safari on a hot summer day when the sun is setting. A large elephant stands firm on a body of water with antelope behind it and […]

11 Sep

Help the Bahamas NOW!

At the beginning of September, Hurricane Dorian passed over the Bahamas, causing untold amounts of devastation and forever altering the lives of the people of this tropical paradise. As the […]

05 Sep

A Sit Down Interview with Anthony Diaz

Anthony Diaz is a phenomenal artist on our platform. Diaz is based in the Dominican Republic. He focuses his style on realism and is inspired by God, dancing, music, and […]

17 Jul

Clara Beltré – a Natural Artista

Clara Beltré was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. From a young age, Clara had an unyielding desire to embrace a career in art, and was strongly influenced by her […]

14 Jun

Create Your Own

  Looking through your photo albums you find so many pictures that are beautiful and full of memories but are trapped inside of a book, hiding themselves from the world. […]

21 Mar

Congratulations to Hector Suarez!

Congratulations to one of our very own artists Hector Suarez who has done tremendously well in our Artlicity project with his reproductions. The events that we are attending on a […]

04 Mar

We were featured in the Ocala News!

Such exciting news!!! We are proud to announce that on February 18, 2019, we were covered by the Ocala News. We attended the Ocala Art Walk where prints of the […]

05 Nov

We were at the Inverness Festival of the Arts!

  Video credit: Islands in Motion We are very excited to say that we attended the Inverness Festival of the Arts over this past Saturday and Sunday. We showcased 6 […]

01 Nov

Simple Home Decor Ideas >> Living Room & Bedroom

  Video Credit: Pick Up Limes Adding interest or character to your home doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money. Why be boring when all it takes is […]

24 Oct

Apartment Tour | 300 sq. foot Studio in NYC

  Video Credit: Cody Jensen You can make any small space modern, yet cozy by implementing some interesting design elements. Try utilizing every square inch for optimal livability, like transforming […]

11 Oct

Interior Design Tips & Tricks | Overhaul

  Video Credit: Kin Here are some great tips and tricks for those of you who prefer a monochrome, or tonal, color palette. You can still make a space interesting, […]

08 Oct

Yoelvin De Los Santos – Art that Redefines Perceptions

Yoelvin was born in the province of Monte Plata in the Dominican Republic. The genesis of his ideas can be found in everyday happenstance, and are cleverly juxtaposed to shed […]


Mercedes Diaz – Feel the Passion through her Art

Mercedes was born in the province of Azua, Dominican Republic in 1955. She was mentored by her neighbor when she was a child. This ignited her lifelong passion for art, […]

05 Oct

Carlos Oliva – Capturing the Essence of Life

Carlos graduated from the National School of Visual Arts with a degree in fine arts. He went on to complete an intensive course in drawing at the Altos de Chavon […]


Anthony Diaz – Art that’s an Expression of God

Anthony’s artistic creations are a manifestation of his love for God. His spirituality helps guide him to transform what’s in his heart and mind into artistic brilliance. Each canvas exhibits […]

04 Oct

Interior Design Trends for 2018

Video Credit: D.Signers True, we’re approaching the end of 2018, but these trends are timeless, and can make a relevant impact on 2019. Plus, let’s face it, these are great […]

No Fail Decor Tips
26 Sep

No-Fail Tips and Tricks for Living Room Decorating

  Video Credit: House & Home When you’re decorating a space in your home, it’s important to consider functionality. In this video, the designer aims to create a multi-functional area: […]

Most Organized Home In America
14 Sep

The Most Organized Home in America (Part 1)

  Video Credit: Home Organizing by Alejandra Here are some great tips to help keep your clutter organized. Even if you’re not looking to be uber organized like Alejandra, there […]

Budget Bedroom Makeover Ideas
12 Sep

7 Budget Bedroom Makeover Ideas

  Video Credit: Lowe’s Home Improvement Sometimes the littlest things make the biggest difference. You can revamp a room without having to do a complete overhaul and spend a ton […]

Live Your style DIY 8 tips

How to make your home look more expensive on a budget

  Video Credit: Live Your Style It’s not necessary to spend a fortune on your décor to have a rich look. There are simple things you can do to add […]

Juan Rosas Dominican Artist
31 Aug

Juan Rosas – Dominican Artist & Master Abstract Expressionist

Juan Rosas is a Dominican native from Santiago, and a former student of the National School of Fine Arts. A consummate Abstract Expressionist by genre, his work has been showcased […]

6 Tips For Living Beautifully In A Small Space
28 Aug

How to Live Beautifully in 500 Square Feet

  Video Credit: House & Home Small spaces are the new reality for people living in big cities; but that’s no reason to compromise on design. It’s possible to use […]

Five Tips for Decorating for Less
17 Aug

Five Beautiful Home Decor Tips for Less Money (Tiffany Harris)

  Video Credit: Molly Sims Here are five informative tips on how to create a stellar décor for less money. Try combining varying textures and large-scale accessories to add depth and […]

29 Jun

Dominican Painter Hector S. – Original, Textured & Vibrant Colorful Style

Hector is world-renowned for his impeccable technique, artistic versatility, and his slice-of-life conceptual designs. He has garnered notoriety and success in his native country Dominican Republic by participating in prominent […]

17 Jul

Islands Art is up and Running!

We are very Excited to have launched this site! We cannot wait to showcase Caribbean art; if you are interested in becoming an Islands Arts vendor, please give us a […]