Ballena Jorobada II

Humpback Whale II

This painting is a symbolism art piece made with mixed acrylic and oil. It is of a humpback whale centered with animals surrounding them. These animals include a snail, butterfly, hummingbird and normal birds. Shapes that are considered warriors in the Taino culture. Every animal in this original piece has a symbol behind it through the Taino culture as well. The snail was used as a hallucinogen in rituals, the hummingbird which is sacred to the Taino’s because it was a pollinator and therefore a disseminator of new life. It symbolized the rebirth of the Taino Indigenous Nation in the Caribbean. This symbolism art piece also has the Hibiscus flower which is the flower of the Caribbean. The artist says, Taino culture and autonomous elements of the Caribbean.”

Ballena jorobada II painting Ballena jorobada II painting close up Ballena jorobada II painting close up 2 Ballena jorobada II painting close up 3 Ballena jorobada II painting close up 4
Ballena jorobada II painting
Artist Name: Yuri Cuevas Art Medium : Oil / acrylic on canvasArt Dimensions : 30" x 40"

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30″ x 40″