Going Forward

Caribbean Artist, PBazil, created an original series of acrylic on canvas, paintings featuring umbrellas. Umbrellas are known as ‘something that brings unity’, and also provides protection. In this Dominican Painting, Mr. PBazil describes the content as “two green islands with a concrete rail junction holding a red train on it and three umbrellas of different sizes.” The yellowish white umbrellas seem to be following the train as if they intend to help bring the train safely to its destination from each island abundant with rich green vegetation. As typical in this series of paintings, the sky is a deep solid blue.

Avanzando painting Avanzando painting close up Avanzando painting close up 2 Avanzando painting close up 3
Avanzando painting
Artist Name: PBazil Art Medium : Acrylic on canvasArt Dimensions : 8" x 11"

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8″ x 11″