Yohan Moreno


Artist Yohan Moreno was born in 1985 in La Romana, Dominican Republic. He has participated in more than 10 group exhibitions in the city of the Roman and at a national level. These exhibitions included the Inaugural exhibition of the artistic collective Cultural Invasion RD (for a culture of peace), “La Femme collective exhibition” in La Romana and Higüey in the Altagracia Museum. His mentor is Carlos Abad. When asked what inspired him, he replied: “I am inspired by the idea of expressing myself in my own way. In my expressions, this content, my own abstract language, and that is why the language I use is to connect my works with me since I have always been attracted to the type of information that underlies a foreground information.” His poetic ways in working on a canvas consists of acrylic and oil paints. But rarely mixed. When asked if there was a significant event in his life that made him become an artist he replied: “The lack of information management undermines knowledge, there is already said violence, and that is more than saying an event, there is a chain of violent events towards evolution, which are no longer necessary, and I am one of those who believe, that in the ordinary, simple, simple, close-up … there are no more steps to climb towards evolution. With this I would be saying that my works contain administrative forms that allow evolution and if specified, I would say that a type of evolution, the psycho-neuronal chemical evolution.”

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