Yoelvin De Los Santos


Art that Redefines Perceptions

Yoelvin was born in the province of Monte Plata in the Dominican Republic. The genesis of his ideas can be found in everyday happenstance, and are cleverly juxtaposed to shed light on injustice, and, in turn, redefine popular social norms. He uses realism and abstractionism to alter perceptions and evoke emotion. His technique, use of color and intricate brushstrokes, coupled with social concept, powerfully captivate art lovers.

Yoelvin’s father was an artist, and his greatest influence. He uses art as a vehicle to express how he feels, while creating art that inspires activism and admiration from art lovers in the Dominican Republic and abroad. In reference to Yoelvin’s relationship with art, perhaps he says it best, “it’s an essential part of who I am; it’s in my blood; I always knew I wanted to be an artist.”