Rolando Mancebo


Rolando studied visual arts at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas in the Dominican Republic. He organized and participated in various artistic groups, namely the (now called) “National School of Visual Arts,” which was known for its ingenuity and non-conformity. He is renowned for his artistic ability, both locally and internationally, participating in group and solo exhibitions, namely “Cultural Jumps,” Mural with Patriotic Sense,” “Grand Gala of the Arts,” and “Visions of the Colonial Zone.” He later went on to participate in an exhibition in New York where his work was featured and praised by the art community, thus establishing his career as a respected artist.

Rolando’s creations are an inherent reflection of his subconscious mind; every human emotion is embraced and expressed through his art, like a conduit from his soul. He is compelled to use art as a vehicle to transcend cultural, social, and language barriers to express his true emotions; ultimately, to be free as an artist. This freedom enables him to create art that resonates with aficionados around the world.

Rolando doesn’t limit himself tool-wise when he’s creating or conveying a message. A self-declared in formalist by design, he uses any tool available to create a desired technique or brushstroke: brush, sponge, hands, fingers, and even cloth. His media is just as diverse as he doesn’t limit himself to canvas and uses whatever matter will allow for the desired effect: fabric, cardboard, and paper. He has his own signature style that differentiates him from other Caribbean artists and has positioned him in the forefront of the international art scene. When asked about his art, Rolando had this to say, “I try to focus on the creation, and not think about sales. It’s your true expression that sells the art; it’s not something that can be pretended.”