De Lemos


Born in 1951 in the Dominican Republic, De Lemos is a visually interesting artist with a vast background. He states that he was born to be an artist and that it is in his DNA: “I simply place myself in front of a piece of paper, cardboard, or something solid and I start to create.” His creativity is governed by his day-to-day state of mind and observances of life. He prefers working with acrylic, oils, and pencils. He relishes using brushes, paper, cardboard fabric, or any solid material/surface he can use to create artwork on. Although he does not work on specific topics, he paints depending on the elements of life. There is no topic or obligation; he just paints according to how he currently feels. Throughout his life, he has earned many awards, including first prize in the National University Pedro Henríquez Ureña Poster competition. First prize for the magazine cover AULA, and first prize for the project of the degree UNFHU 1973. He was educated as a designer and interior decorator at the National University Pedro Henríques Ureña, as well as at the School of visual arts in New York.