Porfirio Ferrer


Porfirio Ferrer was born in Constanza, Dominican Republic in July of 1963. His artistic studies include the School of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo. He has been involved in more than 100 collective exhibitions between the years of 1979-2015 and 9 individual expositions between the years of 1988-2013. He is also a teacher in painting classes. His mentors are Guillo Pérez, Cándido Bidó,Mario Locuar,Mario Morillo and José Cruz. When asked what inspires him, he replied: “In life there are several factors that inspire an artist. I am inspired by my people, my traditions, my experiences, and what I have shared with my brothers, friends and family since I was a child. The traditions of my people are valid: The game of bellugas, of marbles, the trumpet, the fufu, the game with rubber, the trúquelo, the games on the street that had to draw on the asphalt with plaster everything we had to do, the cars of my people , the landscape of my fields, the experiences of my peasant people. I am a melting pot of all that my people have lived.” Mr. Ferrer started at the age of 12 singing to brighten the lives of his family teachers and students. When he turned 14, he lost his voice and he was set into continuing to cheer people up by painting. As time went by, he continued to evolve and change over time in terms of the way he paints. When asked what techniques he uses he replied: “My work is intimately mixed and linked to my name. My name is Porfirio Ferrer and here in Santo Domingo the mechanics and painters use a material that they call “Ferrer”. Ferrer is material that they put in the vehicles to decorate and paint it. So, it seems that the name is linked to relief, to texture, to non-smooth technique, to the 3D technique, technique where you see the context in high relief of what he wants to do. My works are contained in three levels: Fabric, fabric curatorship which is the relief and color painting that is the work of art.”