Pedro Veras


Pedro was born in the Dominican Republic in 1978. As a child, he frequented museums and artistic events with his mother. These events helped cultivate his interest in art, and lead to his education in the arts. He graduated from the Autonomous university of Santo Domingo and is a graduate of the National School of Visual Arts. He also holds a master’s degree in the methodology of higher education in the faculty of humanities. Throughout his life, he has participated in many exhibitions, including 3 solo, 5 virtual, and 38 collective exhibitions at the national and international level. He was involved in the project “Curacao World’s Longest Painting 2013,” which created the longest painting in Holland and the Caribbean. He is greatly inspired by the world and is a self-proclaimed thrill seeker. Pedro uses many different techniques, including the use of his limbs to achieve his signature style. He is inspired by eroticism as a taboo subject, and desires to express his point of view regarding social change through his art.