Norkelly Acosta


Norkelly was born in Barahona in September of 1970. She studied in many schools including the National School of Fine Arts – Visual arts, National University Pedro Henríquez Ureña (UNFHU) – Design, “Art Criticism” at Node Center, School of Design Altos de Chavón, and the National School of Fine Arts. Her mentors are Esequiel Taveras and Rafael De Lemos. She has participated in many collective Exhibitions inside and outside the country. Standing out internationally in being a finalist in exhibitions and galleries in the USA.

She expresses her artistry through the application fantastic elements, projecting the common as something unreal or innocent. Each piece is created using her own identifiable contemporary style, color palate, and iconography. Thematically speaking, she uses the images of women and children to evoke an emotional response. Her signature style is renowned and awarded the world over within art communities. If you’re looking to add drama to your space, this is the art for you.