Nervin Pepen


Born in Bani, Dominican Republic in 1992, he is a multi-talented artist who focuses on engraving and painting. In his adolescence, his distinct style was easily identifiable by classmates, making it unnecessary to label his artwork.

He later developed the ability to conceptualize and create art that affected viewers emotionally. He experimented with sculpture, and even though the materials he used were of inferior quality, he always knew how to create works of beauty.

He is currently studying at the National School of Visual Arts and is involved in several group exhibitions, such as “Carnival Expo” and “The National Contest of The House of Art.” His preferred mediums are engraving and painting in oil.  When asked what his connection to art is, he said, “I like the natural, the everyday. When I see something that I like, I take a picture to have it and recreate it artistically.”