Nercido Beltre


Mr. Beltre was born in November of 1992 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He studied at the Escuela Nacional de Arte Visuales, (ENAV) and has participated in over 15 group exhibitions and competitions. Mr. Beltre’s art techniques are hard sail and prism. He has developed one that he currently uses which is more per hard candle and layer. When asked when he knew he wanted to be an artist, his response was: “I believe that the love of art is when you are born. As a child I was restless for painting and painted for my companions with my brother who was my mentor. After a while, he retired, but I continued because I felt a real passion for art and started developing in the area. I do tattoos and a classmate spoke about the ENAV school and I decided to expand my knowledge and improve my techniques with more advanced studies.”