Nancy Reyes


Born in the city of Havana, Cuba, in 1953, Nancy Reyes at a very young age has been linked to artes plásticas and photography. She has taken advantage of her technical knowledge as an architect, floods her works with stained glass, gratings, arches, and columns as a constant in which the color, black lines and the strokes are unmistakable.

She has worked as an independent photographer since 1993 working primarily on photography of ballet, theatre, dance, architecture, social and advertising issues. Her images are published in important print and digital medias. She collaborates in the magazines of Cuba in ballet, Sol y Son, Bohemia, Revolution and Culture, among others. She has also published in the Journal of Association of Stage Directors of Spain (ADE) and other foreign publications.

She Is a member of the Cuban Association of Artisans and Artists since 1988 and has 36 years of experience in exhibitions globally. The Museum of Fine Arts Cuba, France, Spain, England, Italy, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Portugal, United States, Mexico, Panama, Chile, France, San Martin, among others.