Mercedes Diaz


Painting is her Lifelong Passion

Mercedes was born in the province of Azua, Dominican Republic in 1955. She was mentored by her neighbor when she was a child. This ignited her lifelong passion for art, which lead her to study at the Dominican University, where she earned a degree in art and fashion design. As an adult, she participated in exhibitions and competitions at the national level, including an event titled “Thirteen Women Painted” that featured distinguished female artists of the Dominican Republic.

Conventional studies notwithstanding, her artwork evolved further through her personal study of art at galleries and notable life events. She creates mostly in oil and sometimes acrylic, depending on her desired stylistic effect. Each piece of art uses vibrant colors, rich texture, and bold brushstrokes. Her art graces the walls of art lovers and galleries in the Caribbean and across the US; complimenting traditional and modern décor. Hanging her art is a great way to give a space a dramatic focal point.

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