Maico Berroa


Maico Berroa’s art career started at the age of 8. Born in Santo Domingo Este in 1990, Maico would spend his days drawing and painting, instead of going out with his friends to play basketball. When he was 13, he began painting signs in local grocery stores, which helped him develop his technical skills. As a young adult, he realized that he needed an education if he wanted a career in art, so he contacted Wander Matos who agreed to mentor him. He eventually went on to study at the National School of Visual Arts and The School of Design Altos de Chavón. When asked about his art Maico said, “I prefer to paint in black and white because it gives strength to my art, helping me to convey more clearly what I want to say about my culture and how people perceive it.” His painting mediums include acrylic and oil, with a preference leading towards oil.