Luis Tejada


Luis Tejada was born in Dajabón, Dominican Republic in 1985. He studied at the Institute of Culture and Art (ICA) and the Gilberto Cruz School of Master Art. His mentors are Yunior Perez and Gilberto Cruz. He is a member of the International College of Art Escoarts; Dominican College of Plastic Artists (CODAP) and International Association of Plastic Artists AIAP Unesco. He has participated in exhibitions Cibao Grand Theatre Hall, Santiago 2010, Gallery House of Art, Santiago 2014, and Black and White, Newark New Jersey USA   2016. His inspirations come from life experiences, colorful and joyful things, and music and its effects on happiness. Tools and techniques used include spatulas, brushes, oil, fabrics which he tells us helps him to create effects and texture in the works. “From an early age I had a fondness for drawings. I saw the other teammates drawing cartoons and that encourages me to start drawing. Then I met an artist and saw him painting (a still life) and that painting impressed me greatly. Seeing that painter moved me into the world of painting.”