Julio Cesar Hernandez


Julio Cesar Hernandez was born in Bonao, Dominican Republic in June of 1987. He is a visual graduate from the Plaza de la cultura de Bonao. He has participated in many contests, exhibitions, and has had numerous of honorable mentions from 2016-2019. His techniques mostly include canvas and oil painting because it allows him to achieve more accurately what he wants to paint. He also uses mixed techniques such as acrylic, watercolor, and graphite on canvas paper. He is motivated by the beauty of art and how he feels when he reaches a connection between the work of art and the viewer. He tells us that it is indescribable how he feels when he manages to create a part of his world on a blank canvas. He dares to capture the natural beauty, innocence of a child and/or carry a positive message. When asked if there was a significant event in his life that made him want to become an artist he responded: “Every artist has an inspiration, in my case what I was motivated to be an artist was to see how an old painter friend managed to capture the true freshness of a field in a painting. From an early age I discovered that I had skills and certain handling to draw. By publicizing my works through my exhibitions and sales of personalized works, also through the realization of murals. Each artist’s ideas simply flow and arrive at the moment through the inspiration that causes any event or simply the beauty of nature and love.”