Ivelisse Gil


Ivelisse Gil was born in 1945. She has always enjoyed painting and drawing, but it was not until she was 50 years old that she decided to devote her life to art. Her inspiration comes from the experiences and trials of her daily life. Her skills have been honed through various workshops on pictorial and engraving techniques. Her preferred working material is acrylic on canvas with a spatula. She enjoys working with this since acrylic-based paint dries more quickly. She was mentored by Alberto Houellemont and Ramón Sandoval and has participated in over 5 national and international exhibitions and events, such as the 6 X 6 event at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center in New York and winning “Best Acrylic” at the Lilly Oncology on Canvas International Competition at the Royal College of Art in London, England. When asked what motivates her, she said, “The forest and movement of nature and water attract me. I love seeing the movement of the trees and colors. All the different shades that make up the fields. I am a lover of nature and the environment.”