Genaro Phillips


Genaro was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1955. He is a unique and spontaneous artist who has national and international fame through his art. His art has earned him the attention of critics such as Shifra Goldman and Mirna Rodriguez. His artistic style has been developed in his studios in New York, New Jersey, and the Dominican Republic. He has had over 8 individual exhibitions and recently celebrated 26 years in the arts with his piece “Un Flight of Light.” He mostly works with acrylic but is very diverse and has been known to add metal to fabrics. When he was 13, he had a cousin who would draw comic strips. Genaro enjoyed reading them and eventually decided to create his own. When he was 16, his brother in law Ramón Oviedo began to give him drawing materials. University of Santo Domingo National school of Fine Arts is where he continued learning his craft. Candido Bido, another artist, also helped strengthen his skills until he became an independent artist.