Franklin Núñez


Franklin Núñez was born in Bonao, Dominican Republic in April of 1965. His artistic studies carried out were at the School of Fine Arts, Bonao and the Plaza de la Cultura Cándido Bidó. He has been a part of many expositions in several areas of Santo Domingo since 1998. The main technique that he uses in his artworks would be acrylic because it gives him time to work several works on it and is wholesome. He knew at the age of 8 that he wanted to be an artist. An inspiration from a man who would paint murals of recognized monuments in Santiago and Santo Domingo. He tells us: “These paintings I saw in his murals awakened me with the desire and talent to paint.” Landscapes and colors of nature are also a part of his inspiration. He is also inspired by the fact that he can create and make images with his hands. “I am motivated by the fact that people constantly praise and criticize my art.”

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