Félix Lopez


Felix was born in 1962 in Azua de Compostela, Dominican Republic. Felix studied at the Autonomous university of Santo Domingo as an advertising arts technician. Since then he has conducted several courses in drawing, painting, advertising illustration and design. Throughout his career, he has received many awards for his work, and has worked on restoration projects such as the restoration of the mural of Our lady of the Old Chapel. He enjoys working with realism but will flirt with surrealism occasionally. He aims to keep proportions true to reality through lights and shadows. Felix has worked with many different substrates including tempera, plush, wax pencil, color pencil, air brush, oil, spray paint, and acrylic. He has settled on acrylic because of its fast-drying times which he enjoys. From a young age, he liked to draw in his school notebooks. He gets his ideas from daily living, such as the series called butterflies Noctámbulas. He enjoys creating works of art based upon real world.