Febe Reyes


Born in the beautiful city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Febe is a self-taught artist who uses her emotional drive to produce excellent paintings. She is an expressionist artist down to the core as her whole purpose of creating art is to express how she is feeling. Her artwork consists mainly of acrylic paints on a canvas backdrop. Before any painting is done, she sketches the art, so she can get an idea of how to plan. Her ideas come from within, she has never had to look for a color palette because the colors have always just appeared in her head. Growing up she had no idea she wanted to be an artist. After a failed relationship, she went into a depression and had the opportunity to paint an unfinished mural. She realized that when you paint, nobody can tell you that you are doing it right or wrong. Nobody can say “that’s now how it’s done” and she loved that. It led her to the decision to start painting after that.

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