Elias Reyes


Elias Reyes was born in Bonao, Dominican Republic in July of 1968. He studied at the Art Center Plaza de la Cultura. From 2000-2005, he has been in expositions. His inspiration comes from the smell of flowers and his ideas can arise from something that he sees and finds interesting. “Ideas arise when I understand that something could be better, without erasing its essence. My connection in the process of my works is that I have to feel what I have tried to transmit and feel at ease with what I paint. Art is born with you and everything you see reflects what you feel and passing time requires you to cultivate what is really born with you”. Mr. Elias tells us also that when he was a child, he liked to draw everything he seen, and he knew that he wanted to be an artist when he started studying with his teacher Candide Bido. He paints with brushes and spatulas and mostly paints in acrylic or in oil.