Eddy Casado


Eddy Casado was inspired at a young age to pursue a life dedicated to art. He reminisces about a time in his youth where he was inspired by the beauty of a bird in a mango bush; so much so that he rushed home to draw the bird. It marked the beginning of a lifelong passion fueled by the arts.

His formal schooling took place at The Modern School, The University of Action Pro-education and Culture, Hemphill Schools, and The Plastic Arts at the National School of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo. He has been involved in many exhibitions natively and abroad, such as “Grow Healthy Without Drugs” and the painting of the “Virgin of Altagracia.” He regularly uses the spatula for texture diversity, which is seen in his landscapes. Oil is his medium of choice as it offers versatility when highlighting artistic elements.

When asked about his inspiration, he responded, “My inspiration is a beautiful morning or a sunset, where the sun caresses everything, animate and inanimate, resulting in a range of light, colors and shadows flirting with the retinas of my eyes. It’s not hard to fall in love with the image before my eyes.”