Diógenes Santana


Diógenes Santana was born in San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic, in 1967. He has a degree in plastic arts from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo. By profession, he is an interior decorator and artist, with a focus on lamps and accessories; and a professor of art and interior design.

Diogenes is an avid environmentalist, using his art to project his thoughts. He works mostly with acrylic but also creates in oil.  He incorporates environmentalism into his work through the use of recycled material. As a young boy, he was unable to fulfill his dream of studying art due to his family’s limited finances. It was not until he graduated from school that he was able to devote himself to becoming an artist.

He has completed many individual and collective exhibitions such as “The Replenishment of La Cosa” and “The Thing.”