Carlos Oliva


Carlos graduated from the National School of Visual Arts with a degree in fine arts. He went on to complete an intensive course in drawing at the Altos de Chavon School of Design. He was influenced by the works of Guillermo Gutierrez and Manuel Toribio. On a personal level, he was influenced by his grandmother, a fashion designer, and his uncle, a visual artist. He participated in two national exhibitions that were organized by the Cultural Center of Spain as part of a collective initiative called “Viralatex.”

His artistic concepts stem from the simple light that illuminates from all God’s creations. He captures the essence of life and transfers his artistic message through his idiosyncratic techniques, signature brushstrokes, and application of a deep, rich color palate. He prefers to create in acrylic due to its quick drying time and opaque color.
Carlos’ distinct style has made him popular in the Caribbean and across the US. His paintings resonate with art collectors on a multitude of levels, artistically and socially. He transforms a simple thought or concept into a meaningful piece of art, which is perfect for any décor, modern or traditional. When asked about his art, Carlos had this to say, “My art is about the beauty of everyday life and the simplicity that surrounds it. I don’t like to be pretentious – I try to be as simple as possible.”

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