Anthony Diaz


An Expression of God

Anthony’s artistic creations are a manifestation of his love for God. His spirituality helps guide him to transform what’s in his heart and mind into artistic brilliance. Each canvas exhibits the harmony of love, peace, and the delight of Godly expression; fulfilled by creative mindfulness, artful blending techniques and precise brushstrokes. He embraces everyday nuances as expressed in dance, music, and the robust Dominican culture.

His quiet observations capture the magic of gentle moments and transform them into art. He knew as a child that God had endowed him with the passion and talent to paint. He started his journey to develop his ability by exploring different styles, including animation and pencil sketching. As a young adult, he was enrolled in the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, which helped him to further develop his distinct style.

His style is precise; each brush stroke furthers the artistic integrity of the piece. Every detail helps to capture and perpetuate the mood of the moment; from the shading in the leaves of the trees to the expert detail in the musculature of the horses. However, Anthony articulates why he creates best, “I paint what God puts in my heart.”